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Multiplex Immunoassay

​Evaluation and validation of multiple potential biomarkers simultaneously

The use of informative biomarkers as predictive tools in clinical trials facilitates better use of resources and the potential discovery of new targeted medicines, with the aid of companion diagnostics.

Multiplex Immunoassay

The most sensitive, specific and selective biomarker tests available are immunoassays. NALIA's multiplex immunoassay system enables the evaluation and validation of multiple potential biomarkers simultaneously and using minimal sample quantities. Each NALIA Array replaces several existing single biomarker assays, miniaturising them and extending the scope of information available. This will enable clinicians to improve the diagnosis of complex diseases without increasing healthcare costs.

Key benefits of NALIA Arrays are:

  • Quantitative, sensitive, reliable and reproducible
  • Enable multiple disease markers to be tested in parallel
  • Enable testing of more than twice the number of patients than a standard ELISA plate
  • Minimise use of precious sample material
  • Can be readily integrated into existing clinical laboratories without major investment