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Custom Biomarker Panels

​Accurate, cost-effective, multiple biomarker analysis

NALIA Arrays provide accurate and quantitative measures of multiple biomarkers in parallel. Any combination of protein biomarkers can be combined into a custom biomarker panel in an industry-standard multiwell format.

Custom Biomarker Panel

Key benefits of NALIA Arrays are:

  • Accurate quantitation of biomarker levels
  • Huge increase in laboratory productivity
  • Small sample volume required (no more than for a single standard ELISA)

A key feature of the NALIA platform is that it combines a set of established diagnostic tests into a single test, while retaining the overall format of these existing tests. This brings several benefits including:

  • Short development times to transfer existing diagnostics onto NALIA platform
  • Easy integration into current laboratory systems
  • Use of duplicate dots for each marker eliminates need to run duplicate tests of each sample
  • Greatly reduced operator and equipment usage times
  • More test results for user for same or lower budget