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​Frequently asked questions about NALIA

What is NALIA?

NALIA was founded to develop and commercialise the NALIA array technology with broad applications in research, biomarker validation and point-of-care diagnosis and monitoring.

What does NALIA do?

NALIA produces simple, accurate and cost-effective biomarker panels known as NALIA Arrays.

What is a NALIA Array?

NALIA's technology provides arrays of multiple biomarkers in either a standard 96-well format or in a single-sample point-of-care format. Each NALIA Array will replace several existing single biomarker assays and extend the scope of information available, which will enable clinicians to improve the diagnosis of complex diseases without increasing healthcare costs.

Can NALIA Arrays be customised?

Yes. Customised or bespoke NALIA Arrays are provided in an industry-standard multiwell format for use in biomedical research and clinical laboratories.

What are the point-of-care applications for NALIA Arrays?

NALIA is developing products for use in diagnosis and monitoring in doctors' offices and clinics in the following major disease areas: allergies, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and oncology.

What makes NALIA Arrays different from other biomarker panels?

A NALIA Array is based on the same plate format as the common ELISA test, offering all the same benefits of sensitivity, accuracy, discrimination and quantification, as well as a number of advantages, including: ability to test multiple disease markers in parallel; small sample volume required; easy integration into current laboratory systems; more test results for same or lower budget.